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Education, employment - all in one place. We call it: HIRE LEARNING.

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    We begin with a discovery meeting that helps us understand the nature of your staffing challenges. We are interested in building solutions for the toughest challenges for technical positions. Each job analysis results in a job model.



    Our series of assessments provide objective proof to employers of your ability to succeed in specific jobs. We assess skills in science, technology, engineering and math, and can train in every skill we assess. This way you always have a path to success.



    We have world class PhD and Masters prepared faculty that are experts in their fields. We have classroom-based instruction, enabled by advanced teaching technologies so that you can learn while you work and work while you learn.

Our Employers Include:

Victory Tech is an accredited training provider of Energy Training Council and SafeLandUSA.

    Our mission is to prepare you for success in your career today and for jobs far into the future. We are addressing the critical skills gap in our area and our country. Our programs are focused on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) disciplines: they are mapped to high growth, high demand and high paying jobs in advanced manufacturing, energy and health informatics.